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Our mission at the Somali Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is to provide information and assistance to Somali citizens traveling and residing in Malaysia.

We also encourage all Somalis residing or traveling in Malaysia to register with the us online. The service is free and fast, and allows us to get in touch with you in an emergency, and provide information on security conditions and upcoming events of interest to Somalis. You can help ensure your own security by monitoring this site for updated information about conditions in Malaysia.

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Consular Services

Humanitarian assistance in emergencies (i.e. situations involving destitution or distress of Somali nationals). This includes, providing a support service in hostage cases as well as assistance rendered to Somali nationals abroad in cases of political turmoil or natural disasters.

In the event of an emergency, we communicate on behalf of Somali nationals abroad with the next of kin and/or friends in Somalia.

Logistical support and non-financial assistance for Somali nationals who are in hospital abroad or who may need to be repatriated to Somalia for urgent medical or professional attention.

Communication with the next-of-kin in the event of reported death or life threatening illness or injury. We also provide logistical assistance with the importation of mortal remains (including import permit applications) or burials of Somali nationals abroad. We do not provide financial assistance arising from the death of a Somali national abroad.

Provide guidance to next-of-kin and liaison with relevant stakeholders in the search for missing persons abroad and/or determination of the whereabouts of Somali nationals abroad under certain circumstances.

Assistance to families under certain circumstances in facilitating the transfer of funds to family members in distress/destitute abroad where commercial means is non-existent or limited or where levels of destitution dictate.

Advice, guidance and support to a custodial parent/guardian in matters of child abduction or child stealing. Where there is evidence that the health and safety of the child is in jeopardy, the matter is treated as an emergency.

Abduction and kidnapping covers forcible restrictions on the freedom of movement of persons for different outcomes. All instances of kidnapping outside of Somalia should be reported to the Operations Room immediately. We provide advice and guidance to the next of kin.

Assistance and guidance to foreign representatives regarding their nationals in Somalia who need Consular assistance.

Under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963), which is the accepted standard for all member countries, persons who have been arrested outside their own country must have access to their consulaar representative. Somalis in this situation must immediately request the authorities to allow them to contact the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia in Kuala Lumpur.

Consular Officials seek to ensure that Somali citizens arrested abroad are treated humanely while incarcerated. In this regard issues such as torture, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment will be reported and taken up with the local authorities. The United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners is used as a guide.

What Consular Officers can do for Somalis detained/arrested in Malaysia

Establish contact with the detainee as soon as possible after verifying Somali citizenship. (This service is rendered to ensure that Somalis who have been arrested, detained or imprisoned under foreign jurisdiction understand their rights and the services that can be provided by the Somalia Government. Depending on specific circumstances, contact can be in person, in writing, by telephone or through appropriate intermediaries)

Provide general information about the legal system of the country of arrest. Information may include details on legal aid (if available) and prosecution, a list of lawyers (no recommendations may be made for a specific lawyer) remand, bail and appeal procedures so that he/she understands his/her rights and the processes involved.

Maintain contact with the arrested Somali citizens abroad with due observance of the laws and regulations of the arresting State.

Undertake prison visits. The frequency of prison visits depends on current policy, the location, culture and laws of the arresting State, the prevailing security situation in the country and/or the prison and subject to the Mission's operational circumstances.

Contact family or friends, to a maximum of three, only if authorised to do so by the detainee/ prisoner in writing. The detainee/ prisoner can change the people he/she wishes to receive information from the Department but must do so in writing. The Consular Desk at Head Office will then inform the person whose name has been removed or added to the list accordingly. A person whose name has been removed will no longer be authorised to receive information via the Department.

Assistance with funds transfers: A maximum amount of RM1 000, 00 per month per detainee/ prisoner may be deposited by family members/ friends. The funds must be deposited between the 1st and the 18th of the month in order for the Embassy to have enough time to make the necessary arrangements for the payment to the detainee/ prisoner. Every effort is made to ensure prompt payment of funds received to detainees/prisoners.

Ensure that medical problems are brought to the attention of the prison authorities.

Family members are allowed to send prescription medication only to the detainee through the Embassy provided this is not contradictory to the rules of the detention facility in the arresting country. The medication together with the prescription must be hand delivered to the Embassy.

  • Facilitate the serving of legal summons on defendants abroad.
  • Convey requests for extradition, rogatory letters and evidence on commission between states.
  • Provide advice, guidance and support to the custodial parent/guardian, in collaboration with the Office of the Family Advocate where indicated, in cases of abduction of Somali children to foreign countries. Where there is evidence that the health and safety of the child is in jeopardy the matter is treated as an emergency.
  • Provide a list of local lawyers and/or detail of local Law Commissions. (The Embassy cannot vouch for the competence of any lawyer and does not accept responsibility or liability for information provided in good faith).
  • Provide a list of local translators. (The Embassy cannot vouch for the competence of the translator(s) provided).

Other services

  • Assist to replace lost, stolen, damaged or expired passports abroad (fees apply).
  • Request the local authorities to investigate suspicious deaths of and crimes against Somali citizens.
  • Provide guidance in collaboration with the Department of Social Development on matters relating to adoptions.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to foreign representatives regarding their nationals in Somalia.
  • Provide a list of local translators. (The Embassy cannot vouch for the competence of the translator(s) provided).

His Excellency Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia